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Literature Review:
Literature portrays logistics and MIS practices from a variety of different perspectives with a common goal of ultimately improving performance and competitiveness. 1.Analysis of financial and MIS excellence of BRAC Bank

Joydeep Sinha Roy, BRAC university

2.Course teacher instructions and lectures over the semesters. 3.Course book entitled Management Information Systems ( Managing the digital firm) written by Laudon and Laudon.

While there is plenty of published literature that explains or espouses SCM, there is a dearth of empirical studies examining logistics and SCM practices. Galt and Dale (1991) study ten organizations in the UK and find that they are working to reduce their supplier base and to improve their communications with the suppliers. Fernie (1995) carries out an international comparison of SCM in the grocery retailing industry. He finds significant differences in inventory held in the supply chain by the US and European grocery retailers, which could be explained by difference in degrees of their SCM adoption. Tan and Wisner (2000) compare SCM in the US and Europe. Tan (2002) relates SCM practices and concerns to firm’s performance based on data from US companies. He lists nine important supply chain concerns such as lack of sophisticated ICT infra-structure, insufficient integration due to lack of trust and collaboration among the supply chain stakeholders and thereby lack of supply chain effectiveness and efficiencies. Basnet et al. (2003) report the current status of SCM in New Zealand, while Sahay et al. (2003) discuss supply chain strategies and structures in India. These surveys rank the perceived importance of some SCM activities, types of hindrances and management tools on the success of SCM using representative samples mostly from manufacturing. Quayle (2003) surveys supply chain management practice in UK industrial SMEs (Small Manufacturing Enterprises) while Kemppainen and Vepsalainen (2003) probe...
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