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Topics: Bank, Commercial bank, Retail banking Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: June 28, 2012

1.This article depicts a comparative study on the personal banking services of ICICI Bank and SBI. The advantage of one scheme over another is studied and reasons for why one should choose a particular scheme is also given. Various schemes offered by both the banks were studied and data was gathered which also highlighted the risk areas of all the schemes are carefully looked at. Source:

2.This article is on a comparative study on the business model and financial performance of SBI and ICICI Bank. This research study will help the banking industry, both the public and private sector, for the improvement or change in the business model and financial performance specially the State Bank of India and ICICI Bank. The study will also help the customer for the choice of bank for availing services. Source:

3.This article is about Service Quality Evaluation in Select Commercial Banks: A Comparative Study. Today, banking operations are driven by the market, and the customer is seen as a consumer of the bank and not of any particular branch of the bank. Hence, it is logical that the customer will be served by all the branches of the bank and this necessitates that each branch serves the customer as if the customer belongs to that branch itself. Today, the concept of core banking has made ‘Anywhere and Anytime’ banking a reality. Along with technology, banking services have also evolved, and the delivery of various banking products are carried out through the medium of high technology at a fraction of the cost to the customer. In this scenario, the present study was conducted to evaluate the service quality of select leading commercial banks by identifying the major factors responsible for customer satisfaction. To support the objective of the study, SERVQUAL technique, based on the model...
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