Literature Review

Topics: Autism, Autism spectrum, Asperger syndrome Pages: 4 (1427 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Literature Review
Making it a Success, Sue Larkey, 2008
‘Making it a Success’ written by Sue Larkey is a book which has many strategies and worksheets to use during a literacy lesson for students with Autistic spectrum disorder. Larkey identifies Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) as ‘A lifelong developmental disability affecting about 1 in 500 people. Confused by the world around them, people with an Autism spectrum Disorder need help to fit in. They have great difficulty understanding what they see, hear and otherwise sense’ (Larkey, 2008) Larkey identified that students with autism may have the following, ‘Difficulty writing, difficulty writing imaginative stories, Difficulty recalling set tasks and difficulty starting a writing activity, have hyperlexia which is the ability to read text but do not have matching comprehension of the text.’ (Larkey, 2008) Larkey has identified strategies to use when teaching ASD students how to write those strategies are: ‘Co-actively write, putting your hand over the top of the students, use a computer for the student to write, Use a tape recorder for the student to record their work, use a voice activated computer which transcribes for the student, Teach use of a dictionary to look up words to spell, stick their book to the desk so they don’t have to hold the page.’ (Larkey, 2008) Larkey has also identified what strategies can be used to help ASD students when reading. Those strategies are: ‘Read stories that include their special interests to motivate reading and comprehension, include mainly non fiction books, make photo books about their own experiences to encourage reading, to extend comprehension remind student to look a picture, ask questions to check comprehension.’ (Larkey, 2008) Making it a success is a very helpful book for teachers and teaching aids, the strategies which are provided by Sue Larkey are very helpful and it will help so many people out when teaching literacy to students who have ASD.

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