Limitations to Hr Planning

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Human resource planning is the process by which the management ensures that the right number of people with the right skills is available at the right time, in the right job, in order to help the organization achieve its objectives. In other words, human resource planning is all about finding out in advance how many workers are needed to perform the tasks, how many employees with the required skills are available within and outside the organization and how is it possible to fulfil the staffing needs of the organization when needed. Human resource planning is not new. It has been practised by many organizations in the past as well, in order to ensure that the right person does the right job at the right time. However, in the past the nature of human resource planning practised by many organizations was slightly different to what it is today. This was because, the environmental conditions in the olden days were stable and certain, and as a result, the human resource planning was mainly focussed towards the short term demand for labour. But today, with the increasing nature of environmental stability, changes in technology and the ever increasing competition, the nature of human resource planning has changed thus focusing on both the short term and the long term labour needs of the organizations. In other words, they not only plan the workforce for the current situation, but also for the many years ahead. If not, then the organizations that do not plan for the future have not much of opportunities to survive the increasing competition. Human resources planning anticipate not only the required kind and number of employees but also determine the action plan for all functions of personnel management Although human resource planning is a very useful method, it has some limitations which can be explained as follows

- The future is uncertain:
Forecasting of changes in technological, social economic, and political conditions cannot be made with accuracy. Human resource planning is based on certain assumptions, which may prove to be dangerous. However, it is better to try and plan for human resources, rather than leaving actions to chance. This effects the employment situation. Accordingly the company may have to appoint or remove people. - Conservative attitude of top management:

Much top management adopts a conservative attitude and is not ready to make changes. The lack of interest on the part of top management is a vital limitation to the success of human resource planning. The process of human resource planning involves either appointing or discarding. Therefore it becomes very difficult to implement human resource planning in organization because top management does not support the decisions of other department. - Problem of surplus staff:

Human resource planning gives a clear out solution for excess staff i.e. Termination, layoff, VRS. Management finds problem in discarding surplus employees due to various labour laws and trade union activities. The VRS do not get a favourable response from the surplus staff even when attractive packages are offered. However when certain employees are removed from company it mostly affects the psyche of the existing employee, and they start feeling insecure, stressed out and do not believe in the company. This is a limitation of human resource planning i.e. it does not provide alternative solution like re-training so that employee need not be removed from the company. Surpluses and deficits are more difficult to manage- staff numbers cannot usually be reduced at the stroke of a pen and acquiring more people can be time consuming and costly. - Time consuming activity:

Human resource planning requires considerable time and effort on the part of human resource planners. Also a good deal of reports and other paper work is required in order to undertake human resource planning process. Human resource planning collects information from all departments, regarding demand and...
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