Lima Tire Plant

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Lima Tire Plant
The Treadway tire company is a manufacturing company that deals with production of tires. The company has eight manufacturing plants and one of them is the Lima tire plant in Ohio. . The plant went through modernization in 2000 and after the shutdown of another plant the volume shifted to Lima and now the plant is operating 24hours, and is considered to be one of the most productive plants of Treadway. In Lima plant they have 1120 employees of which 970 are hourly employed and all of them work in two shifts each lasting for 12yours. The main expense for production of tires are the raw materials and the main raw material is oil (petroleum), and knowing the oil market we state that in the past years the price of oil has gone up by a huge percentage. In order to minimize the cost the company maximizes the productivity by introducing continuous operations (24h work) and by implementing only two shifts they reduce headcount. There are few profiles of workers or so called foreman in Lima, firstly by the type of employing there are divided in hourly workers, and salary workers, and secondly by their background which arises from three sources: internal hire which are hourly workers that are promoted (80%), external workers which are young graduates from local colleges, and experienced workers transferred from another Treadway plant. Each foreman is supervised by a line foreman, whose duty is to meet the performance goal that is being set by supervisors. The foreman job is to keep operations running, solve on-spot problem that may occur and handle administrative and union procedures. Lima used few recruiting methods such as posting job announcements on the bulletin board or on the company intranet for internal hire, or on the internet or college job fairs for external hiring. After being selected each employee had go successfully complete the First Line Test (FLT), a five hour exam which was asking each applicant to develop a production...
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