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  • Published : July 30, 2012
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3.4 The Communication Zone Work File
In this activity, you will identify barriers you may use in communication and explore the difficulties that people from other cultures may experience when communicating. Please use black ink.
Section A. Identify the manner in which you communicate by responding to each statement with “Never,” “Sometimes,” or “Always.” (19 points) 1.I use words such as "like," "you know," or "and ah" in my speech. Never 2.I use phrases such as "watchama-call-it" or "thingamajig-jig" to substitute for the proper words. Never 3.I use profanity when I talk to friends. NEVER

4.I am asked to speak more loudly or more clearly. Sometimes(I speak too fast) 5.I have trouble expressing myself when I am emotional. Sometimes 6.I speak well in front of the class or an audience. Always 7.I speak overly loud to get attention or make a point. Sometimes 8.I use hand gestures when I speak. Sometimes

9.I express my feelings easily. Always
10.When I am angry, I speak with actions more than words. Never 11.I boast or exaggerate when I tell a story about myself. Sometimes 12.I use the silent treatment when I'm upset. Sometimes
13.I criticize others to make myself look good. Never
14.I find it difficult to talk with people in authority. Never 15.I am distracted by sights and sounds when others are speaking to me. Never 16.I "tune-out" (stop listening) when I feel I know what is being said. Never 17.I look for nonverbal meanings behind words said. Sometimes 18.I discuss my problems instead of blaming others. Always

19.I like to argue rather than discuss. Never

Review the list of 19 communication methods above. Select 3 positive and 3 negative methods of communication and explain how the results of each affect your health: (6 points)

1. I speak well in front of a class or an audience. This helps my health because it gives me the courage to speak in front of large crowds, and I’m not afraid to talk to lots of...
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