Self-esteem and Physical Contact

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Carena Wright
Read each statement in the chart below very carefully. Answer each statement with: Never, Sometimes, or Always. (18 points) Self-esteem chart|Never|Sometimes|Always|
1. I expect a lot from myself.|||always|
2. I freely ask for help when I need it. ||sometimes||
3. I feel a need to prove myself to others|never|||
4. I have difficulty making decisions.||sometimes||
5. I feel good about myself.||sometimes||
6. I resent being told what to do.|never|||
7. I value my time alone.||sometimes||
8. I feel lonely a lot of the time.||sometimes||
9. I feel comfortable around others.||sometimes||
10. People feel comfortable in my company.|||always|
11. My friends influence my decisions.||sometimes||
12. I make friends easily.|||always|
13. I find it easy to express my feelings.|never|||
14. I am able to express my feelings.|never|||
15. I like to be accepted by others.|||always|
16. Physical contact makes me happy.|never|||
17. I set limits on time with my friends.||sometimes||
18. I make my own decisions.||sometimes||

1.Using the chart, determine the area/areas where you are weak. (10 points)

a.Expressing my feelings

b.Physical contact

c.Asking for help

3.Using the chart, determine two of your strengths. (10 points)

a.Making friends

b.Making people comfortable around me

4.Analyze what this chart indicates about your self esteem, strengths and weaknesses. Write an analysis of what the chart indicates and which areas you should develop. Your paragraph should include at least five complete sentences. (25 points) My self esteem seems kind of stong. Idont really have a lot of self esteem problems. I just don’t like expressing my feelings . ialso don’t like a lot of physical contact . those are my main weaknesses.

5.Ask your parent/guardian or your siblings (brother or sister) what three things could be done to contribute to family self-esteem: (15 points)

a.Who did...
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