Life Versus Death

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  • Published : September 30, 2012
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Life versus Death

In consensus of human life, we always value the gift that God is given to us through His goodness. Human life starts with the soul being the immediate source of life to every human being as well as the other living things. Every breath of human is essential being the proof of creation from God and entails different vital powers of man which includes the power of the man to think, talk, walk, eat and other essential forms of human being which can be done according to his creation and power. In addition, God did not only want us to have the living life but to prosper in many different gifts which encompasses through gift of wisdom, gift of understanding, gift of knowledge, gift of healing and so on. Likewise, our duty and out of gratitude we have to value and respect the life which God has entrusted to us by preserving our body and soul through proper and acceptable living. Aside from preserving the goodness of the gift of life we have received from the Almighty Creator, we must also respect and value the life of others as the saying goes; do unto others what you would like to do unto you. In contrast with the life, death is also enormous and eminent to those who do not value the life whom others do not understand the essential form of being. Human conduct is sometimes detestable of many kind of actions i.e., abortion, suicides by taking its own life, body piercing and other unnecessary actions which leads to the damage of the human body being the temple of Christ. Life is essential over death since life manifest the love of God to human race not mentioning that we are created in his image and likeness.
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