Do You Think a Persons Life Should Be Saved Regardless of the Cost?

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  • Published : January 9, 2013
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For a religious person, the fact that life is special leads on to the concept of the sanctity of life. Christianity and Islam both believe that God was responsible for creating life originally, so it is like a gift from God, so should be preserved and respected. However, some others dont believe the same things. Some poeple believe that life forms evolved naturally over millions of years, leading to our society today, and so if it is not a 'great gift from God', it shouldnt matter as much if a persons life is taken under certain circumstances. Many people, be religious or not, tend to judge the quality of life on how comfortable it is or how free of pain or suffering. Others take this a step further by asking whether the individual will be able to live with freedom, dignity and, for religious believers, the possibility of accessing or experiencing God. If a persons life has all these qualities, it is seen to be a life of good quality. However, if a persons quality of life is very poor, for example due to poverty, illness or other form of suffering, then it could be viewed that it would be okay for this person to die. Almost as if letting them rest in peace would be liberating them from a life of pain and suffering. A common example where this path is taken is if a person is on life support in hospital and shows no signs of recovery over a long period of time. A lot of people would choose to turn of the life support in this situation and let them die then see their loved ones struggle for longer. The value of life is also another important consideration. Religious believers wouldn't like to put a price tag on a life, as it is seen overall as priceless (being a gift from God). It wouldn't be possible to attempted to save a person's life 'regardless of the cost', because a price cannot be placed on a soul. However, other people would disagree a say, for example, the life of a wealthy royal is worth much more than the life of a begger or homeless person. And taking...
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