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Life Skills Development/Module One/Unit 1: Values Education
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Contents [hide] * 1 Unit 1: VALUES EDUCATION * 2 Introduction and Rationale * 3 Getting to know our values * 3.1 Classification of Values * 4 Importance of values * 5 Exploring Personal Values * 6 Value Clarification * 7 Prioritizing Your Values * 7.1 Values for a Sustainable Future * 7.2 Assessment * 7.3 Decision making| -------------------------------------------------

Introduction and Rationale
Education is a process of initiating the learner to a good life. In order to live this 'good' life, the learner has to acquire, through this education knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and other behaviour patterns. This unit will therfeore address values and the importance of values in one's life. It will incorporate values clarification strategies in one's decision making processes. This will help the learners to become responsible citizens who will use their values to guide their attitudes and behaviour.

After completing this section, you should be able to: 1. define values 2. demonstrate an acknowledgement and acceptance of the realities of diversity(ethicity,culture, sexual-orientation, spirituality/religion) 3. identify and prioritize one's own values 4. develop an understanding of how values influence decision making and behaviour 5. recognize the need to live together in atmosphere of peace and contributing to sustainable development|

* Values * Core values * Values inculcation: aims for pupils to adopt a pre-determined set of values * Values analysis: pupils investigate and assess evidence which may support value judgements * Values clarification: helps pupils become aware of their own values in relation to those of others * Action learning: focuses on students having a reasoned base for whatever actions they might take in relation to specific social and environmental issues(after Butt 2002; Lambert & Balderstone 2000)|

Getting to know our values
What are values?
Values have many meanings:
* Values are your personal measure of worth shaped by your beliefs, ideas and principles that are important to you.They shape your priorities and guide you in deciding what is right and wrong * Values reflect our attitudes and what we believe about everything. * People's values differ and people and we should all learn to tolerate each others' values. Examples:

* A person who values family will care about his/her partner, children and home life. * love for my family is a value I am willing to work hard for and maybe even sacrifice to achieve it. * That value reflects the fact that I believe love for family is more important than anything else in my life. This should be reflected in my decisions and actions. If not it is not what the person values. * A person who values being healthy will exercise, eat the right foods,live positively and avoid alcohol and tobacco. Classification of Values

Values can be grouped into the following groups:
1. Instrumental values
2. Moral values
3. Intrinsic values
4. Aesthetic values

Instrumental values are those dealing with the means of achieving economic gain, like money and status. Moral values are those dealing with the notions of right and wrong. Intrinsic values are those which are desired for their own sake, like happiness, truth and peace Aesthetic values are those that refer to our standards of judgement of what is beautiful and ugly. -------------------------------------------------

Importance of values
* Clarifying values is an integral part of personal growth. * Knowing what's most important to us provides a blueprint and direction in our lives. * Values...
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