Aims and Values

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Homework Research Task

Part 1

❖ With regards to educational settings, define the meaning of

a) Aims

b) Values

Part 2

❖ You need to find out what your school placement’s vision, aims and values are.

❖ You will then need to write a 300 -500 word report on how your school implement their aims and values, giving examples of how this is demonstrated.

Write your answers in full sentences. Do not just copy and paste from internet sources.

You must summarise the key points in your own words.

Part 1

a) Aims – Aims in regards to educational settings is how a school is going to put into practice their ideas i.e., enable children to become successful learners who enjoy learning.

b) Values – Values are what a school believes in and will therefore implement on children i.e., being respectful towards others.

Part 2

My schools values are to achieve happiness and success. Within their values they strive to:-

▪ Know everyone is special with something to give and share.

▪ Know everyone can tell right from wrong and always tell the truth.

▪ Encourage the children to try their best and encourage others when they do well.

▪ Look after themselves and try to be clean and tidy

▪ Work and play well together and care for each other.

▪ Look after the school and world around them.

To teach the children they will go through each value with them at the beginning of every school year. Then every half term they will have an assembly on one of the values. They also have a behaviour policy built on the schools values. At the end of every school year they have a knighting ceremony. Throughout the year the children can achieve bronze, silver or gold awards and the head teacher has a sword and will knight them. They also have golden time where the children have to behave throughout the week and if they have five stars they can have their golden time.

They aim to...
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