Aim and Value of Schools

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Aims and values of Willow Brook Primary
Willow Brook Primary became an academic school in September 2012. Aims: are the goals and visions that the school set to achieve academically, usually set by the head teacher in collaboration with parents, staff and community. Values : is the moral code of the school, although they differ from one school to another, they will usually include respect to ourselves and others. Willow Brook aims and values:

At Willow Brook Primary, we promote an environment in which we work together to raise academic achievement of every child to help them develop positive personal qualities, we also believe in treating individuals with respect. Good behaviour provides the basic for an affective environment. We also encourage children to be a problem solver, have a healthy minds and bodies and to be the best they can be. In Willow Brook, we value every person and believe that they have the right to feel safe, healthy and happy in order to develop active citizens. We also encourage children to behave responsibly to themselves and others, show considerations, courtesy, respect, tolerance for others and work in co-operation with others. How do schools’ aims and values help staff to look after the pupil’s care and welfare: It is very important that the staff take into consideration the values and the aims of the school to avoid any kind of clashes and disturbance. We want our school to be a safe place for our children, for that we want our staff to set a good example, we don’t tolerate any bad behaviour in the school. We created an environment that encourages and reinforces a good behaviour by setting class rules and sanctions and by praising a good behaviour through certificates during class assemblies. We also have a zero tolerance against bullying so each child will feel safe and treated fairly. Each child has access to water and healthy food and during lessons teachers always highlights the importance and the benefits of a healthy meal and...
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