Life is like a Menu

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  • Published : September 25, 2013
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Life is like a huge Menu---Full of choices at each stage to choose from. So many different items and so many choices to make and so much confusion.The Only difference is that the choices are not listed out systematically as in a menu card. We get what we order. Whenever we go to a restaurant, we order meals of our preference and avoid what we dislike and so relish the meal. Life is the same. If we choose what we like to do, we will enjoy our life . Sometimes we may be influenced by others and may order things on the recommendation of others but are not really happy with what we get. Life has advisors at each and every stage . Advice being free is most of times unsolicited. But we must be prudent and only accept what is good for us. Sometimes we take ages to make a decision as what to order. As there is so much to choose from, we are confused. With great deliberation, we then choose what we think we may like. If for a food choice, we ponder so much , why not for life? It is said , ‘We are what we eat’, so we must make our decisions carefully. Whether We eat to live or live to eat is a question we often come across. What with the countless scrumptious choices offered to us , we may think it is both , eat to live and live to eat . The menu card, if one carefully observes is very systematic and organised in such a way that it becomes easy to read and find what we want. We can apply this principle to life. An organized and planned life can make living easy for us The menu is like a platter of choice. But we cannot have everything that we want, we have to make certain choice. In life it is true, we want to have a lot of things but we cannot get everything that we want. What we choose we get, what we omit we can’t get. But after, we make a choice, we must abide by it and make the most by relishing what we have chosen and not cribbing about what we did not choose. If we do that we’ll not even enjoy the platter we have chosen and make both the...
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