Life Before and After the Internet

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1.Life before the internet versus after the internet.
Waking up on a Saturday morning to beat the morning rush and run some arens; ordering mail in catalogs to view the most current products available; needing to wait for news bulletins to see what’s going on in the world; having to go to the library and use xeroxes for homework; these where all part of the day to day lives we used to have prior to the internet. Now, waking up on a Saturday morning, booting up the PC, launch the web browser, and the above mentioned is done in a matter of minutes, if not an hour at most.

The internet has allowed us to have the world literally in the palm of our hands, thanks to today’s smart phones and net books.
Before chat rooms, face book, twitter, instant messaging, we had to rely on traditional mail to stay in contact with loved ones at a distant and actually go out and get together with people to see how there are. Now, we just “text them”, or “Skype” (video chat). So even do we’re able to communicate a lot faster and more efficiently, we lose physical contact, and get accustomed to just type what we want to express. So even do writing a letter wasn’t as sophisticated, it did involved a more personal approach.

When we were young, we were playing with G.I. Joes and amazed when playing Super Mario Brothers on the original Nintendo, calling our friends from down the street to play together; no we play virtually, in massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), where we can play with any person from around the world who has access to an internet connection and a computer screen.

Before they existed “pen pals”, people how only knew each other by traditional post mail; now we email, send pictures, videos, share ideas in forums, and share them with a network of friends. Yet aspects of privacy have been blurred, where gossip are followed on “tweets” via tweeter service.

Another important aspect of the internet is its diverse use in technology, namely smart...
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