Life's Up's and Down's

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Austin Aufdenberg
Mrs. Pylate
October 19, 2010
Life’s Up’s and Down’s
“Dude Jason I think that was a cop back there”. My friend Jason and I where flying down the highway on our way back from a show at the 4-H building it was midnight and we had been dancing and moshing for five hours straight. Both of us still feeling the agonizing pain in our necks, but we had five minutes to get to our friend Eric’s house where we were staying before his mom locked us out, so we pushed it to 90 mph on the highway passing Wal-Mart hoping not to see any cops along the way. And just as we were passing Dairy Queen in my rearview mirror I see a cop and think just great. So I tell Jason and he whips the car down a back road. Hoping that we can get away wee drift around mostly every turn, and slide into our friends driveway turn the car off and run inside just in time before getting locked out. Having friends and not feeling insecure about life has really helped me get along better through life and not have to worry so much about everything. I used to be small and insecure, but I became taller and more confident and learned to speak my mind which allowed me to make friends.

When I was younger I was small and insecure about what to do. It showed all throughout elementary and through middle school. When I was in elementary everyone would look at me differently and kids would point and laugh sometimes and it was a really bad time growing up. I can remember one day back in second grade, I decided to play kickball at lunch and it was my turn to kick, so I get up to kick and the kid rolling to me decide to roll it fast so I will miss and I did, but I don’t say anything to the kid I just get ready for the next one he does it again, so out of pure anger I storm out to where he was ready to punch him and one of his buddies out of nowhere comes running from first and knocks me down and the kid jumps on me and punches me right in the nose not noticing the blood running down my face I...
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