From Every Bad Outcome Results a Good One

Topics: English-language films, Bullying, 2007 singles Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: November 10, 2012
From Every Bad Outcome Results a Good One
There is always a good outcome from a bad experience because we learn from our mistakes and makes us who we are. As a young child I had a bad experience at school I was bullied and though there was nothing to do about it. In the way I learn to stand up for myself and believe I can do anything. Even though I was very shy that I did not like talking to other people from that bad experience I found a new friend that help me open up to other. Bullying can be a difficult obstacle to overcome at any age and since I was a new student at Madison Elementary School, a bigger kid decided to pick on me. Getting bullied made it even harder for me since I was a new kid and I felt I did not fit in with others and ironically, the only person who would talk to me was the one bullying me. I couldn't begin to understand why this person decided to pick on me, but she made it very clear that she did not like me especially because I was a chubby kid. I tried my best to avoid the bully and I started to notice that the bully had a pattern on her way to class and lunch, those were the times I had to deal with her. I tried to be attentive towards her schedule from afar and shortly I was successful and managed to keep my distance.

Although I was no longer getting bullied, I decided to stay away from people and all I would do was read comic books during recess. One day a girl sat next to me, she started talking to me and I barely said a few words and carried on reading. That very same girl that had bullied me came and started to call names to the girl sitting next to me. For a moment I decided to ignore it, but I remember how I felt before and reading the comic books about heroes gave me the push I needed to stand up for myself and anyone else that was in my situation. I stood up and told the bully to leave her alone even though I was scared on the inside, I did not want to feel weak anymore. When the bully was about to...
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