Library System

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I. Introduction
Freeman Dyson has said, “Technology is a gift of God, after the gift of life; it is perhaps the greatest of God’s gift. It is the monitor civilizations of arts and sciences”. With technology, they can get things done precisely, efficiently and fast. Wireless communication devices keep you connected wherever you go. These things were developed due to greater inventions and creativity of their designers. But on the other hand, there are still places or institutions that have a slow growth of development when it comes to advancement of technology. And one of these that caught the proponent’s attention is the library. Years ago, every library used paper based catalogs for finding books, but when the computers made it to the market, the libraries started to get digital. They were able to search through the library catalog in second to find a certain book (or any other reference materials that can be borrowed) and make all these items public for computer and web search.  Kapitolyo High School Library is using a system wherein recording and compiling data are done manually which results to slow transaction of borrowing and returning of books. The library has a thousand number of books and students that leads the librarian to take too much time and effort to record all the details of the borrower's and also the reference materials one-by-one, checks and update the record of the books and make a report for the library using a piece of paper. The borrower’s also needs to wait for their turn to borrow books as reference materials for their notes and/or assignments and one problem in this situation is the students’ waste more time in finding the books because there are instances that the book they need is not available. Having a manual system, they have the problem in keeping the records because some are loss or damage and some are missing. The information are not properly organized which leads to lack of security and there are redundancies in recording the details of the books. As more libraries move towards providing services in digital environment, the improved access to remote library collection is making the use of electronic information resource more realistic and more attractive. Traditional online services had transformed themselves into internet based online services using web based technologies. The proponents proposed a system entitled Web Based Library System to help the students and/or visitors of Kapitolyo High School Library to search a reference materials quick and easily, to know the information of the book in one click and to have an easily way to borrow and return a book. Web based library is a library in which collections are stored in digital formats and accessible by computers. The system features web based transaction for borrowing and returning of books and it compute the penalty of the students if they didn’t return the book on time; OPAC (Online Public Access Cataloging) for the students and/or visitors to search and to know the information and availability of the book they want and a reservation system for students only; Mapping system to find the location of the books easily; The system also features the reports for the library to lessen the librarians tasks; And it has maintenance for user levels, book. The system will also solve the problem in data redundancy, inaccurate and erroneous report, difficulty in borrowing and returning of books. A well organized library collection provides easily access and retrieval of materials. The system is highly acceptable because of being creative, user-friendly and efficient for the user by easy generating of card catalogue, records of books and the borrowers. Operational efficiency, time utilization and accuracy were optimized.

II. Theoretical Framework

Designing of...
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