Library Management System

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  • Published: August 6, 2013
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Library Management System

By Synergy System Solutions


Library Management System
This Library Management System Software is capable of handling Books, Periodicals and Attachments like CD-ROMs, Floppies etc. with equal ease and efficiency.

Features Of Our Software :
For Members :
Facility For Search through your local network Books based on Accession Number, Title, Author, Subject, Keyword Attachments based on Accession number, number, Topic and Type. Facility for RENEWALS Books, Periodicals and Attachments.

For Library Staff :
Easier installation Simple and intuitive GUI for performing all functions Short-cut keys and point-and-click operation Security features like access control using passwords and user-roles.

The Complete System
Libraries Proper Distribution Of Books Proper Maintenance Quality Based Information

Users Convenient access Advanced Search Online request for requisition

Synergy Library Management System

Vendors New Role, New avenues to increase their numbers

Publishers Single-point negotiation Greater Expansion Consolidated ordering

Task Of a Librarian
Log In Add New Member Update/Delete Member Add a Book Update/Delete Book


Search For a Book Check In Book Check Out Book Pay Late Fee View Book Detail View Member Detail Search For a Member

Process Flow
Members Librarian Supplier

Book request Book return request

Purchase request

Book order

Supply books

Book Issue

Book Return
Member status Member Update status

Book Purchase

Book Receive

Update Update

Check stock status Update


Member Database

Book Database

New Book Entry
Title Author Publisher Name Publishing Year Preface Writer Pages Class No Acc. No ISBN NO Price Purchase Date Discount OK

Fill up this fields to enter new book information and press Ok button.

Publisher Name Publisher Address Phone No Mobile No Email Website OK

Fill up this fields to enter new...
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