Letter to the Respondent

Topics: Nutrition, Maize, Management Pages: 4 (311 words) Published: December 5, 2012


Dear Respondent,

We are the fourth year Bachelor of Science in Accountancy students from the University of the East, College of Business Administration presently enrolled in AC414 (Management Consultancy Services). As part of our course requirement, we are conducting a feasibility study to produce affordable yet healthier crackers by using vegetable as our main ingredient. We are currently in the process of preparing the marketing plan. We would like to ask for your cooperation to answer our survey questionnaire. Any answer that you will provide will be treated with confidentiality.

Name: __________________________

Age: ____________

1. How many are you in the family?

o 3

o 4

o 5

o 6

2. Do you eat biscuits?

o Yes

o No

3. How often do you eat biscuit?

o Never

o Almost everyday

o Once or twice a week

o Once or twice a month

4. How many stores in your area sell biscuits?

o One

o Two

o Three

o Four or more

5. How much do you spend on biscuits (per week)

o Below 25

o Below 100

o Below 300

o Above 300

6. What made you decide to buy biscuits?

o Price

o Taste

o Convenience

o Nutritional contents

o Others: Specify__________

7. Are you satisfied with the biscuits you have tasted before?

o Very satisfied

o Satisfied

o Fair

o Not satisfied

8. If a new biscuit is to be sold, what do you think is the possible price/s acceptable to you?

o Below 3 per piece

o 5 per piece

o 10 per piece

o 15 and above per piece

9. Will you buy a biscuit vegetable flavored?

o Yes

o No

o Maybe

10. What vegetable do you want as a flavour of biscuit?

o Malunggay

o Ampalaya

o Sweet corn

o Tomato

o Sweet...
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