Questionnaire: Favorite Ice Cream

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  • Published : June 24, 2011
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1. Do you eat Ice Cream?
a. Yesb. No

2. Which Ice Cream do you usually buy?
a. Baskin Robbins
b. Kwality Wall
c. Mother Dairy
d. Amul
e. Others

3. Why do you buy this brand?
a. Quality
b. Package
c. Quantity
d. Price

4. Which is your favorite ice cream flavor?
a. Vanilla
b. Strawberry
c. Chocolate
d. Honey Nut Crunch
e. Other

5. How often you eat ice cream?
a. Weekly
b. Monthly
c. When weather is hot

6. How much are you willing to spend on Ice Cream?
a. 200-300b. more than 300 c. Other
7. If you don’t find favorite Ice cream in in the shop would you go for another brand?
a. Yes b. No

8. What would be the impact of purchasing, If the Baskin Robbins increases its price?
a. Stay with the Baskin Robbins
b. Switch over to another brand
c. Buy less quantity

9. Increase in price to what percent will not affect your purchase?
a. 0-5b. 5-10c. 10-15d. 15-20

10. If Ice Cream price increases what changes you like to have in that product?
a. Quantityb. Packagingc. Quality

11. Would you like promotional offers in this brand?
a. Yes b. No

12. What kind of promotions would most appeal to you as a consumers?
a. Buy 1 get 1 free
b. Discount offers! 25% Free

13. Have you ever buy an Ice cream due to promotions?
a. Yes b. No

14. Which Ice Cream packaging you like most?
a. Baskin Robbins
b. Kwality Wall
c. Mother Dairy
d. Amul

15. Do you believe in advertisements to promote any brand? a. Yes b. No
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