Letter to Me

Topics: High school, 2007 singles, The Best Years of Our Lives Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: May 18, 2011
Dear Alexia, May 12,2011

Your highschool years are finally here.You may have heard these will be the best years of your life, but I might have to disagree. Unless you are looking forward to an overload of homework every night and making sure you copy all the notes everyday so you dont fail Mrs.Pormento's weekly biology test im sure you will feel the same. I always looked forward to wednesdays, we had gym with Mrs. Moore it was almost like a free period but her health class on the other hand was dreaded by many including myself. Im sure youll enjoy some of the same classes I did,my favorite was Mr.Hanleys english class senior year. Even though we joked around and and he made us laugh most of the period he somehow found a way to get serious and get back on track. Then after our work was done he would goof off some more. The worst class would have to be history with Mr. V, just the sound of his voice telling us to turn page 1092 and do numbers 1 to 10 when we had 8 days of school left would urke my nerves and i know majority of the class felt the same. Weekend basketball games were exciting and it was somthing to do on a friday night. Now baseball games were never to interesting to me, regardless i never understood what was going on i just never liked many of the baseball players, they had a cockiness about them that made me barely able to stand the sight of them. Throughout these years you should alway have fun and always have a clear mind and NEVER worry about the rumors the other sections girls make up about you. I always just assumed they were jealous and had nothing else better to do, you should do the same. The most important thing here is your school work. No matter what you should always try your best and do all your assignments,handing them in on time would be even better no one can afford ten points off every day its late. Looking back if i could do it all over again i wouldnt change to many things,maybe just some of the friends i...
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