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Many students in middle school think of High School as a place where teachers would not care about them or what they do, party, “freedom” etc. High School “can be that” when a student would make it that, but what really is, it’s a place where teachers prepare students for the big world and College. I didn’t really see that in High School my freshman and sophomore year. I saw it like the rest of the “party animal’’ students did in middle school. Instead of staying home and studying for exams, I would go out to clubs on school days, I would NEVER pay attention in class or Do my homework. I wanted to be like the rest of the “cool” kids. On my Sophomore year I calmed down a bit, I payed attention in school, didn’t really go out and “party” on school nights but I was unorginazed, my notes were awful and some didn’t even make sense! I never really saw my report card last year because my grades where that bad. I ended up going to summer school and making up ALL of my classes. Its my Junior year in High School, so far its been the BEST but the MOST challenging. I have compared myself from this year to my freshman and sophomore years, I think I have matured and become more responsible and organized with school and personal life. I have seen my report card this year and my grades have IMPROVED compared to my last two years. I do not go out and party anymore, I stay home with my family and I study more often now and actually finish all of my school work. This year has been Very challenging for me because since I have slacked my two important years in high school and never paid attention, some of my classes are difficult for me to understand and complete the work. I was sitting in my AP English III class, when this lady named Ms. Shield came into my class promoting her class named AVID. She explained to us that AVID is a college readiness system that is designed to increase schoolwide learning and performance. She explained to us that AVID can...
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