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  • Published : November 28, 2012
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Letter of advice I understand that you two are newly engaged, and were made aware that I was taking a course in Interpersonal Communication; additionally, as a couple you are seeking suggestions and advice regarding your relationship. I will share knowledge from the course material, and from my life experiences both good and bad. In this letter I will discuss strategies for empathic listening, recognizing the power of words, how nonverbal expressions affect relationships, and how to create a positive communication climate. Let me assure you that this letter will certainly serve as a footprint for ways to better your relationship. I am extremely honored to share some dynamics of interpersonal relationships with you, Tim and Sara. First I would like to qualify myself by stating that with the help of God, my wife and I celebrated 31 years of marriage on April 19, 2011; thus, I know a little bit about how to maintain a long-lasting loving healthy relationship. Furthermore, the day is your lucky day for the reason that I will share my knowledge with both of you today and set you on a path toward a long-lasting, loving, and healthy relationship. First I want to share a little bit of information about myself. I married my high school sweetheart in 1980, and we are still together after 31 years. I am the father of three wonderful children and from them I have three grandchildren. My two granddaughters are the most beautiful girls in the world with the exception of my wife, and I believe that is enough about me. All right let me began with a brief introduction of what my thoughts are regarding Interpersonal Communication; additionally, I will reference different material throughout this letter. The human race is a highly interactive being who desire and crave relationships with others of its kind (Sole,... Although interpersonal communication can be the building block to successful communications between you and your loved one, it could also effect how you and your loved one interact with each other by not being a good listener and speaker.   Hello my name is and I will be providing you with a little bit of advice in order to keep and maintain a strong healthy relationship. I will cover various subjects such as self-disclosure in relationships, how to be an empathic listener, the appropriate levels of self-disclosure, also strategies for managing interpersonal conflicts and so fourth.   Keep in mind I will not be including anything from my own private life; I will be providing you just guidelines.   Self-Concept is developed and maintained by the things we as humans are prone to watch and follow, self-concept is also perceived by our peers, by our parents, sisters, brothers, neighbors and so forth.   Purkey (1988) states that your self-concept is learned; it is organized, it is dynamic, and it is changeable, you can construct this sense of self through communication with yourself and with others by what you tell yourself and what others tell you about yourself.   Because I am giving you the tools to maintain your relationship, your self-concept of one another will only get worst if you both are unwilling to change and maintain who you are.   While it would be much simple to completely to

ignore each other, the fact will remain, you both must be civilized when communicating.   It’s only a reminder that you are not only doing it for yourselves, but you are learning to be better civilized people as well. Moving on, I would like to talk to you about strategies for developing active, critical and empathic listening.   Anybody could be a good listener, but the difference is while doing so one must be able to become empathic, understand what the other person is talking about.   Although you may have a really great... Dear Johnny and Elizabeth,

I am greatly honored that you are seeking my advice on communication in your relationship and congratulations upon your new engagement. As you understand I am currently taking a class on...
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