Letter from the War Front (World War One)

Topics: Trench warfare, Trench Pages: 4 (1865 words) Published: April 7, 2013
~The following letter is not an authentic letter from a soldier, but a letter I wrote myself from a soldier's perspective that describes what the ANZAC's went through during WWI~

Dear Homefolks,
I am currently having a short period of rest time and have time to write to you all to give you a feel of what we are doing and going through. I heard somewhere that the letters are being censored but I’m not sure if it’s true or just another story going around. I am doing well and eating like a horse when I can, the sea air and action proves to be good for the appetite. The tucker is not so plentiful, but otherwise it is O.K. A lot of our meals consist of tinned bully beef, stale crackers, jam, tea and unpleasant salted meals and things of that matter. There are a lot of pests joining us who also enjoy our food, so we have to keep a good eye on it. If you would like to send any food, make sure it has no flour and is in tins or else the pests will be thanking you a plenty. I miss Mum’s dinners but the food here isn’t too horrible, you get used to it.

We arrived at Aden, Egypt on the 25/11/14. We found ourselves at anchor outside the inner harbor on getting up at 6am. After being in a bare sandy sea of sand for a while, things started getting easier and more comfortable to deal with. The food started to get evidently better as well as the cooks must have learnt how to cook without getting sand in it. The poor beggars would often put sand in our food instead of salt, so it will be an interesting event to go to the bathroom after meal times. Marching around in Egypt was very heavy work indeed. Our parade ground was nothing but soft sand. While we were there we had to get up at 6am, breakfast at 7, then parade 8am to 2pm, then have dinner and loaf around for the rest of the day. Every six days from 4pm to 11pm in Egypt we got leave. Myself and Uncle Jack visited Cairo and had a splendid tea there and had the loveliest steak I’ve ever tasted. We celebrated Xmas under...
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