Lesson Planning

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Lesson Planning
What does a lesson involves?
1. Transaction: The actual learning which takes place in the lesson (an acquisition or a purposeful give-and-take) 2. Interaction: The social relationships between learners themselves or between teachers (T-S). 3. Goal-oriented effort: awareness of a clear, worthwhile objective, the necessity of effort to attain it in a resulting sense of satisfaction and triumph if it is achieved, or of failure and disappointment if it is not. A satisfying, enjoyable experience: Deals with aesthetic pleasure, fun, interest, change or entertainment. The main point is that students enjoy (be motivated) 5. A role-based culture: The roles (T-S) should take certain responsibility, (S) responsiveness and receptivity. (behaviors) 6. A conventional construct: Certain set behaviors occur every time (certain kind of introduction or ending) 7. A series of free choices: Participants are free to “do their own thing” with a fairly loose structure, and construct the event as it progresses. (not obvious autority figure who imposes choices) Lesson Preparation:

Three stages of lesson planning:
Stage 1 : Pre-lesson preparation.
1. Goals
3.Student entry level
Stage 2: Lesson planning and implementation.
1.Unit tatle
2.Instructional goals
6.Instructional procedures
7.Evaluation procedures
Stage three: Post Lesson activities.
1.Lesson evaluation and revision.

Varying Lesson Components
The “packaging” (preparation of new material, practice activities or tests; accurate reception or production of the language’s pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, etc) More interesting and pleasant for both teacher and learners, is also likely to cater for a wider range of learning styles and stragedies. Ways of varying a lesson

1. Tempo: Activities may be brisk and fast-moving (question games) or slow and reflective (reading literature) 2. Organization: Learners my work...
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