Lesson Plan Using a Song in an Esl Class

Topics: Task, Activity, Watch Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: February 23, 2013
1| Let students watch the love story of the song “Friday I’m in love”.| Watch the love story of the song “Friday I’m in love”.| Sts| 2| Elicit information of the love story they had recently watched.| Tell and remember the love story.| Sts & T| 3| Tell students they will have to do an activity, and for complete it they’ll have to listen carefully to the song.| Listen to the instructions.| Sts & T| 4| Let students listen to the song with the love story on video.| Listen to the song.| Sts & T| 5| Establish two groups for the activity.| Listen to the instructions.| Sts & T| 6| Tell each group they have to order the pictures according to the love story of the song “Friday I’m in love”, but this time they will listen just to the soundtrack.| Listen to the instructions, and see what pictures they have in hands.| Sts & T| 7| Monitor each group work, and repeat the soundtrack the number of times students will need to complete the activity.| Order the pictures while listening to what it is said on the song.| Sts| 8| Choose a student to check the work of his group, comparing it with the model poster. | Two students correct, and the others look the mistakes.| Sts | 9| Prize the group that has fewer mistakes.| Receive the prize.| Sts & T| 10| Let students watch the video again.| Watch the video.| Sts & T| 11| Give them the lyrics printed on a paper.| Read the lyrics.| Sts & T| 12| Sing with them, reading the papers.| Sing the song.| Sts & T| TASK #1 – LESSON PLAN
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