Instructional Interventions

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  • Published : July 31, 2012
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Sandra Stevens
513 Module 7 Journal
Grand Canyon University
May 2, 2012
Instructional Intervention

Classroom teachers often struggle with finding effective classroom interventions and strategies to teach student with EBD. Participating in on-going professional development, research and conferences can provide effective classroom teachers with the necessary tool, strategies and intervention techniques that can be utilized in the EBD classroom. Teachers should construct lesson plans that align with the goals, objectives, learning style, social skills and behavior of the students’ IEP. Implementing the eight principles of effective teaching can assist in cutting down on classroom behavior. Principles of Effective Teaching:

1. Maximize Academic Engaged Time-teachers should maximize class time, provide positive reinforcement and make sure that classroom is conducive to learning 2. Ensure High Rates of Academic Responding-Teachers should engage and encourages students to participate in the daily lessons to reduced off-task behavior and increase on-task involvement 3. Maximize the Amount of Content Covered-Teachers should prepare lesson plans should be prepared to teach problematic areas 4. Match Assignments to Student Ability-Teachers should always be aware of students learning abilities to reduce avoidance type behavior 5. Teach Academic Content Explicitly- Teachers should plan lessons that incorporates a variety of learning styles by showing students demonstration, example and visuals, and hands-on-activities. 6. Scaffold Student Instruction-Classroom teachers should utilize their assistance so that the maximum support is given to students in the classroom. 7. Use Direct Instruction-Teachers should conduct research-based practice to improve students’ achievement and knowledge 8. Monitor Student Progress-Progress monitoring should be on-going and instructions should be paced for skill mastery. Providing positive and proactive teaching techniques can...
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