Lerning Secondry Language for Military

Topics: Sri Lanka, Military, Tamil people Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: February 18, 2013
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Importance of Introducing Tamil as a second language for Sri Lanka Army
We have been in a war for a period of more than 3 decades. Approximately 95% of the battle zone is located within Tamil speaking territory. Few hundred thousand civilians are living in this territory. Most of them are Tamil speaking and directly affected by the fighting. There were number of offensive missions and humanitarian missions that had been carried out in this area in order to maintain law and order and to rescue innocent Tamil speaking civilians from the clutches of ethnic conflict. During past three decades of conflict, there has been many difficult situations occurred due to lack Tamil knowledge among service personnel. The same reason is sometimes the cause for the uprising of terrorism too. Front line soldiers often face these difficulties due to the language barrier. Even before the violence erupted in 1983, the necessity of Tamil as a second language was highlighted but when the military began working too close with the Tamil population, the need to arm the soldiers with Tamil was intensified. Even in this post war era the military is consisting of Sinhalese speaking majority. Sri Lanka is as democratic country, any ethnicity and languages were accepted within her boundaries. Tamil language was declared as the official language of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka, which was battered by an ethnic conflict, natural disasters, and counter insurgency situation in various part of the country, therefore it is paramount important to eradicate language barriers, in order to maintain peace and harmony among various ethnicities. In that context, security forces have a vital role to play. They are the first to rush in to any conflict and emergency.

Aligning with all stated above, security authorities are mandatory to have direct contacts with civilians, irrelevant of their ethnicities. That was the moment where the importance of knowledge on a second...
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