Setting Cultural Parameters

Topics: Globalization, Sociology, Culture Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: October 5, 2012
As a social scientist, the decision was to review the idea of using social and linguistics as a means to define the American culture to a visitor from Mars or any other Country. Language can be used as the vehicle that carries and mediates communication in an increasingly globalized world, but in the discipline of international studies, it is often or better yet forgotten. If someone decides to become global citizens, students of international studies must content with the vehicle that carries our communication. Language competence employs a critical role in order to navigate successfully between cultures and survive within another culture. The success in a global society is always enhanced by what constitutes as a relevant second language. Researchers view business ventures are more effective when there is an attempt to learn the host language and is more effective when spoken language has been achieved. Teachers routinely use languages other than their own to conduct research and synthesize material relevant for their students.

Officers of the US Department of State, the Foreign Service have little view of becoming ambassadors without basic communication skills in at least one other language. Questions arise concerning language are a key feature of cultural globalization. As a student of international studies, the needs to know something about the history and demographics of language, determine how many languages there are in the world. Critical issues related to the language, which peoples are about to lose their language, the extent to which English has become a language, and how to interest groups use and abuse the language. They also need to master at least one other language is extremely important in order to survive in a foreign land. Cultural and social influences that shape a person’s intention Everyone knows that, if a business is going to do business outside its home market, its CEO’s and CIO’s have to understand the social and cultural...
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