Lego My Lego

Topics: Mind, Toy, Imagination Pages: 2 (855 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Lego my Lego Sabrina Moonilall

I agree with Brown when he says “kids are cheated of an opportunity” because Lego comes with instructions because Lego is mean to expand children’s imagination. Lego is a bunch of colourful blocks and when kids sit in front of it, they may put a few pieces together and then realize it looks like something, like a dragon, or a sword or a ship, and they may use their imagination to create objects from the Lego blocks. The kids are cheated of an opportunity to expand their minds. If Lego comes with instructions, there’s no fun or outside the box thinking going on. Kids would follow the instructions and build for example a ship, but if they built it wrong or found it hard to put together, they may feel stressed or feel like if they make anything but a ship, then what they are doing is wrong because it’s not in the instructions. I strongly agree with Brown, kids are cheated of an opportunity. When we our young, is mind is still growing, and there may be a lot more going on in a kids mind then someone might think, and unstructured play would help kids express their feelings through building and playing on their own. With instructions to Lego they will not have an opportunity to express themselves, even if kids don’t follow instructions, they will feel as if there needs to be a right way to play, and that can’t be healthy for kids. Kids need to use their imagination and be as stress free as possible. Lego without instructions is like the building blocks of a child’s mind, they can use the blocks to build up their feelings and thoughts and create their own world where there are no rules and anything is possible. In the end it can help them grow and figure themselves out by seeing how creative they can really be and how much happier they will be by living out their own imagination. With instructions, kids are being cheated of this...
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