Legalizing Abortion

Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Miscarriage Pages: 3 (849 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Topic: Abortion
Question: Should abortion be legalized in East Africa?
Claim: Yes, abortion should be legalized in East Africa.
I. Introduction
A. Definition of the term
B. Historical background
II. Reasons
A. Abortion helps in stability and minimizing the effects of poverty in a family. B. It helps in controlling the population of a country.
C. It helps in preventing the deaths of women caused by illegal abortion. III. Unstated assumption:
It is good to have a decrease in population because when population of a country increases, it may lead to decrease in the national income and economic growth, and increase in unemployment. IV. Opposing views

A. Choosing adoption as an alternative to abortion.
B. Abortion can lead to a decrease in population which may endanger the economy of a country. C. Legalizing abortion does not guarantee the survival of the woman after abortion. V. Responding to opposing view

A. In Kenya, adoption in Kenya has a long process and restrictions. B. A decrease in population is also a positive impact to the country. C. Legalizing abortion reduces the unsafe abortions hence, gives hope to the woman aborting. VI. Conclusion

A. Summary of points
B. Recommendations

Abortion can be defined as ending of pregnancy or termination of pregnancy by choice or one that happens accidentally in case of miscarriage. The pregnancy is removed from the womb, either by taking pills which involves taking medicines to cause miscarriage or by surgery. In East Africa abortion is common and is almost always illegal and unsafe. Even though induced abortion is highly restricted in most of Eastern Africa, an estimated 2.4 million unsafe induced abortion occurred in the region in 2008. Nearly one in five maternal deaths can be attributed to unsafe abortion and more than 500 women die per 100,000 unsafe abortions. If compared with United State, where abortion is legal and safe...
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