Legal and Ethics - Cost Justified

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Cost Justified
The primary stakeholders in this case are: Joe, Joe’s family, Mary, John, the person that wrote the letter, and the company stockholders. Joe was just promoted to the District Manager of Computer Operations. Mary is the Division Manager of Information Systems. John is the President and CEO of this large company. The CEO got an anonymous letter saying that the new system that was just installed is not performing as expected. The company just installed a new system that was a major financial investment. Joe knew the system was not performing as it was supposed to and had reported the problem to Mary. Mary listened to Joe but she was the original supporter of the new system and always gave positive feedback to the CEO on its performance. Mary directs Joe to write a letter in response telling the CEO that the new system is indeed performing as expected, and to attach supporting documents proving it. Joe knows this is not ethical and tells Mary so. Mary tells Joe that if he does not do what she says, she will question his ability to perform the duties of District Manager. Legal Analysis

If Joe decides to tell the CEO the truth about the newly installed system, he would be considered a whistleblower and would be covered under whistle blower laws. The whistle blower law would protect his job at the company and his family by Joe not losing his job. The company would have to either relocate Joe to another plant or fire Mary, leaving Joe no retaliation effects at the company.

Ethical Issues
Joe would have to make up false records in order to reply to the CEO as Mary asked him to. Should Joe do what Mary asked him to or report the truth to the CEO? Is this Joe’s responsibility to tell the truth? Will he be considered a whistle blower? Joe has to think of his family too. Under the categorical theory, Joe would not tell a lie. “The categorical theory is a moral law that is unconditional...
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