Sample of an Upward Network

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Organizational Communications

Sample of an Upward Network

One major advantage to using the upward network¬ is that with well-established lines of communication all feedback such as suggestions and complaints alike can be submitted and responded to and direct feedback can be given in a timely manner. Another perk of this particular upward network would be the protocol of how one would submit a request to any chosen channel within an organization. One more perk of the upward network would be the efficiency in the manner which complaints are taking then recorded on to a spreadsheet and then forward to the proper departments. Leaving little room for any message to go unattended.

Some problems I see with an upward network is that through the use of Upward networks are that they may not always accurately communicate the general consensus of the employees through the use of surveys, feedback forums and suggestion schemes. Another cause of strife within an organization is that with a flood of different views, suggestions and requests it can be easy for a management team to loose focus of the organizational goal while ensuring that request and suggestions are being addressed.

Yes, potential issues with using an upward network lies within the automated services it provides to callers, many people have trouble with automated systems and expect human customer service representatives to handle their calls. This need for attention and instant gratification can easily upset a caller. An addition the wait time those callers must endure before they receive a response can be critical in some cases. This can lead to a decrease in satisfaction. A solution to this issue would be to have at least two live agents on the lines for extended hours to handle such cases.

Placing employees, as sensors within an organization can be a good ideas because it may incentive causing employees feel...
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