Shoe Store Incident

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  • Published : May 27, 2012
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Shoe Store Incident
February 19, 2012

Shoe Store Incident
A company policy is a documented set of guidelines in which the company has bound themselves to operate. Company policies add structure to an organization while setting expectations and performance objectives. Wavering away from the principles that guide the corporation may create unnecessary legal exposure. Once she entered the shoe store, Imelda adamantly requested that a female salesperson assist her with purchasing shoes. Bob clarified to Imelda that Tom would be the salesperson who assisting her. Imelda indicated that she would buy more shoes if a female salesperson assisted her. Bob lamentably let Imelda know that the company has a stringent plan stating that the salespersons need to rotate positions and that day just happened to be Tom’s day to provide customer service. Unfortunately, Bob realizes the store may lose additional purchases because of the decision to have Tom assist Imelda. Nevertheless, Bob fervently believes that the company policy is a resolute guideline to adhere to, and he should not deviate from it. To begin with, gender discrimination is a major legal issue that arises out of the case of the female customer requesting a female salesperson to assist her in purchasing shoes. As the sales manager, Bob cannot replace Tom with Mary to pacify the customer. It is company policy that two floor employees rotate between working in the back and assisting customers. If Bob were to adjust the rotation and allow Mary to assist the employee, he would be violating gender discrimination law-Title VII, in addition he would be violating equal pay law (Bennett-Alexander & Hartman, 2007). The policy at the store states that the rotation of the employees is used to allow the floor employees to receive commission pay each time they run the floor and assist employees. Tom will be losing significant pay if he is replaced with Mary. By defying...
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