Legacies of Colonialism in the World Today

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Legacies of colonialism in the today’s world
Table of Contents
2.0Three areas in which the legacies of colonizer affect3
2.1Discussion about Sociol & economic changes4
2.2Discussion about Civilisation development4
2.3Discussion about Urban Enlargement4
3.0Some specific examples showing the reflexion of colonizer’s legacies in today’s world5
3.1Examples for Sociol & economic changes6
3.1.1land-use/cover, vegetation/other natural habitats,new forms of work7
3.2Examples for Civilisation development9
3.2.1French West Africa9
3.2.2Legacy in Government in Senegal9
3.2.3Formal Education in Senegal9
3.3Examples for Urban Enlargement10
3.3.1Industrial & financial development, metropolitan changes.10

The very basic purpose of colonization is to take the resources, both nature and human, of the occupied territories in order to enhance and reinforce the conquerors. Ever since the 16th century, various empires were colonizing nations and territories all over the world. The Spanish, Portuguese, French, British and Japanese used their military power and the developed technology to expand their empires and looking for more territories. The era of colonialism had finally over. However, life of many people in the colonized countries had significantly changed and affected by the colonizers in both good and bad ways. The overall effect of colonization was localized expansion habits and awareness of colony rise in the empires of various territories. 2. Three areas in which the legacies of colonizer affect

2.1 Discussion about Social & economic changes
Metropolitan areas exhibit an amazing diversity of features, economic structures, amounts of infrastructure, historic roots, patterns of development, and degrees of conventional planning. Yet, lots of the problems that they deal with are strikingly acquainted. For example, as metropolitan areas grow, they grow to be increasingly diverse. Numerous colonial residents in the city experience to a greater or even lesser extent coming from severe environmental well being challenges of lack of clean water, inadequate sewerage facilities, & insufficient solid waste materials disposal etc. 2.2 Discussion about Civilization development

Though people in those colonized countries had settled for thousands of year, had rich and varied history, some of them, especially in part of Africa, were not so literate. More specific, there were not written laws or medical facilities until the colonizers brought them to the regions. Colonizers also contributed greatly to farming and trading technique. The government systems and education systems which are using in some colonized countries have their origin from colonizers as well. However, the civilization development process not only brought benefits to the colonized countries but also erased much of the indigenous culture. 2.3 Discussion about Urban Enlargement

Urban capabilities are being spread above larger and larger geographic locations in major cities of the world so the traditional variation between urban & rural areas has become increasingly redundant for a lot of purposes. When the cities and territories become wider and expanded, there was a close collaboration with the development of science & technology around the world, the USA's National Academy of Sciences happens to be developing a large effort to promote scientific swap and to help build and support the capacity of local governments in smaller cities in the developing world to address their own serious metropolitan challenges. 3. Some specific examples showing the reflexion of colonizer’s legacies in today’s world 4.1 Examples for Social & economic changes

Fundamental changes in the socio-economic form of human activities like colonialization requires new forms of work, economic activity and way of life must been observed....
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