Left Wing Extremism: India

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  • Published : September 29, 2012
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Left wing extremism: India

A major problem in engaging the Left Wing extremists is that Government expects them to give in to the demands government put forward. However menial these demands maybe, they prove to be deterrence for extremists. We should instead try to give them some meaningful incentives without expecting a prior commitment and demand. Engagement is the key to progress. Engagement means communication. Communication of goods, incentives, services and even well-meaning intentions can act as an ice-breaker. Once we have means for physical and informational communication, social engagement will not take much time. To find the best ways to achieve this ambitious aim, we again need to engage the representatives of local populations, even if it means talking to some people who are on the wrong side of law of the land. These engagements can act as a loose framework to start with. Construction and maintenance of roads is a priority which needs to be worked upon as soon as possible. Provision of materials of basic necessity through whatever means currently available, making medical facilities available in most backward areas and not to forget transportation of people are some of the many incentives which can be provided via physical communication once a network of roads are established. These will give local community itself so that they have the sense of fulfilment. This can gradually overcome the feeling of being marginalized. Also, faith in sincerity of government intentions can be established with these measures. People from these areas, men, women and children alike, should be encouraged and even provided monetary and administrative support to visit and interact with people from nearby cities. Some of them can even be provided required support to visit state capitals on official tour. This will broaden their outlook and thus will make them accommodative. Communication via technology can also prove to be a game changer. It should be ensured that...
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