Leesburg, Va Community Profile

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  • Published: September 12, 2013
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Diana Stephanie Moreyra
Human Rights
14 March 2013
Community Report:
A Seed within a Flourishing County
Leesburg is a charming town in Northern Virginia, its motto “the hometown of the 21st century” seems to rein true as it is often characterized as the perfect place to raise kids; primarily due to the excellent school system and the low unemployment and crime rate. In 2011 CNN Money ranked Leesburg fourth on the “Best 100 Places to Live” list in the nation. Moreover, Leesburg is a historically rich town; it was home to one of the founding fathers, James Monroe. Monroe resided in Leesburg for many years and it was also where he gave life to the Monroe Doctrine. Leesburg is the governmental center of the Loudoun County, otherwise known as the county seat. Leesburg is located within the eastern region of Loudoun which is the more development filled side of the county. Furthermore, the public school system and department of social services, among other public entities, are run by the county instead of the town itself. The population of Leesburg, according to the 2010 census, is 42,616. On the other hand, the population of Loudoun County is 312,311 as of 2010. Leesburg along with the rest of eastern Loudoun has gone through an explosion of growth within the past years. Loudoun’s close vicinity to the nation’s capital makes it a very attractive place for young professionals and families to live in. Suburbanization in Loudoun is explosive; the evidence speaks for itself as Loudoun is Virginia’s fastest growing county with 84.15% population grown since 2000. The median family income in the county is also the highest in the state at about $130,493 a year. As of 2010 the population of races is moderately diverse as Loudoun is made up of 67% White, 7% Black, 12% Hispanic, and 14% of Asian individuals. However, there is a side of Loudoun County that most people do not know about: it is that Loudoun has an estimated 3.4% poverty rate, although low in comparison to...
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