Role of Technology in Healthy Eating

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  • Published : May 14, 2012
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Analysis of Abstract for Evidence Based Training:
Use of Technology to Promote Healthy Eating
Heather Williams
HCS323: Health & Wellness Promotion Throughout Lifespan (CTE1213A) Zakiya Oraefo
May 21, 2010

Constantly evolving technology has many benefits that can be incorporated into people lives helping them to live longer and healthier. Studies using technology to advocate for healthier lifestyle practices have shown that a promising opportunity is present that could help teach people how to incorporate knowledge and healthy habits into their lives using technology. The purpose of the study in our text was to see if adolescents would make better nutritional choices when exposed to information in the form of Internet access, computer based nutrition classes, and games compared to those without the information gained through exposure to technology. The study aimed to show if there was a correlation between a higher level of exposure to nutritional knowledge gained from technology and healthier lifestyle choices in adolescents. The study showed, “Students in the intervention group had significantly higher scores for self-efficacy and for healthy eating, dietary knowledge, and healthier food choice than did those in the comparison group. There were no significant changes in eating behaviors in the intervention group. No significant difference was found between the groups in food intake”(Long, 2004). As these results suggest, there is a definitive link between exposure to nutritional information and knowledge towards health choices. The actual implementation of these practices into the adolescents lifestyles seem to be a more complex issue that may require more family participation and long term habit learning. As concluded by Long, “ Intervention may need to be lengthened to create a change in eating behavior. A longitudinal design is suggested” (Long, 2004). As to whether or not this study would be accurate for residents in my own community; I feel it...
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