Pittsburgh- the Most Livable City!

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  • Published : June 6, 2011
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Pittsburgh – the most livable city!

Towns and cities have a long history. In the ancient world cities were developed in a number of regions and for a variety of reasons and motivation from religious to political views. The first true cities are sometimes considered to be large settlements where the inhabitants were no longer simply farmers of the surrounding area, but began to take on specialized occupations, and where trade, food storage and power was centralized (Gracias, par.1). An ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, has once said, “This City is what it is because our citizens are what they are”. A city is a home for hundreds of people and is shaped by decisions, views and knowledge of those people. These days when we look up in the dictionary for the word city it is defined as a center of population, commerce, culture, and a town of significant size and importance. However, with each day cities worldwide grow, improve, and change simultaneously. Based on the technological globalization cities are moving toward becoming the centers of knowledge and learning. In fifty years from now, we will no longer view cities simply as an inhabited place of greater size, because 21st century is taking the meaning of a city to a whole new level. We will face new intelligent cities, which use technology and communication to create more efficient ways in terms of competitiveness, innovation, environment, energy, utilities, governance, and delivery of services to the citizens. Each city within our country is competing to attract more population, build a remarkable reputation and become number one. This year Forbes Magazine, the online magazine for the latest business and financial news and analysis, recognized the city of Pittsburgh as America’s Most Livable Cities for the second time (Levy, 1/2). However, as always there are many controversies about what it means to be the most livable city. Well, majority would think that livability would have to do with finding a good job. However, the word livable by itself means suitable for living. So the question is, what criteria does Forbes magazine establishes to define livable. According to the magazine it examined America’s 200 largest cities and used the following five points of data to determine the top cities: growth in income, unemployment rate, crime, cost of living, art and leisure (Levy 1/2). If you have never been to Pittsburgh, you may wonder about why in the world it was named the most livable city? Maybe twenty years ago there was nothing significant about Pittsburgh, but now there are many thriving high-tech firms that continue to form and make their mark (Florida 13/14). There are signs of life in the social and cultural environment as well. The region’s immigrant population has begun to tick upward, fed by students and professors at the universities and employees in the medical and technology sectors (13/14). There’s no doubt that Pittsburgh is one of the most livable and industrially advance cities in America. Each city possesses a unique historical and geographical background, which is what makes it significant and gives the city its sense of identity. Pittsburgh is a city known for its culture, history and accessibility. Named after William Penn the elder, the 18th century British Prime Minister, Pittsburgh was once the heart of America’s steel industry, its notorious smog earning it the nickname “hell with the lid off” (Owen, par.1). In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the city was home to many of America’s most successful “robber baron” industrialists, including Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick, and the Mellon brothers, as well as Henry John Heinz, the founder of the Heinz food company. In the 1970s and 80s, the city transformed its economy following the collapse of the steel industry with the healthcare and several respected universities now key employers (par.1). In the 19th and 20th centuries, wealthy businessmen and nonprofit organizations donated millions...
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