: Ho Chi Minh City Is so Crowded : Causes and Effects

Topics: Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh City, Pollution Pages: 4 (692 words) Published: October 10, 2011
Small town residents are often drawn to the excitement and conveniences of big cities .

Especially in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), thousands of people rush into this city each year. These

people want to have better lives. However, too many people migrate to HCMC also gives many

problems to the Government. Why do they leave their hometown for HCMC? What problems will

they bring to HCMC. In this essay, I’ll mention about the causes and the effects of too many

immigrants in this city.

Ho Chi Minh city is a large and important town, it has a dynamic economy with many big

corporations and services for people . Some people say that Ho Chi Minh city is the best

place to live. Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to live in this city. They are

willing to leave their homes and migrate to the city because there are plenty of job

opportunities and the higher income in the economic centers of Vietnam . This is the main

reason that why people from the countryside want to move to Ho Chi Minh city . The other

reason is developed education and entertainment . Ho Chi Minh city has many universities

and colleges which supply a diversified subjects for student so it attracts young people to

flock to city for attending a major universities . For people whose want to have an exciting life ,

Ho Chi Minh city is the most suitable place for them to come into their life. There are many

entertainment centers , cinemas , coffee shops , shopping malls … these thing absolutely

attract both people who live here and travelers . Moreover, people who live here also can

enjoy a more convenient and perfect services of trade and health . They can choose products

perfectly from supermarket where is not far away from their houses. Also, most best and well-

equiped hospital are located here . So taking care of people’s health become better.

However, everything has two sides , a good side and the bad side. So do life...
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