Lebanese Brain Drain

Topics: Emigration, Immigration, Human migration Pages: 3 (1164 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Lebanon is facing a critical economic situation. The economic crisis is encouraging Lebanese citizens to emigrate, leaving their country, and their families behind. Statistics showed that “most emigrants are mainly men between the ages of 20 to 44”, Safieddine, Assem (2004). Also, by losing Lebanon’s middle class, Lebanon is becoming more deprived of productivity and development. Since the most educated people are the most common emigrants, the government should put more effort into improving Lebanon’s current situation and provide proper representatives to assess the country’s social, political, and economical problem. Emigration has come to have a few causes. One cause is economic, which is because of the lack of opportunities and poverty we have in Lebanon. Another cause is from different academic levels, which lead to poor management of certain domains that enrich our country. Last but not least, society is another cause. The lack of security that is in the country does not make Lebanon as stable as it should be. Therefore, how are these causes really affecting Lebanon? The emigration of important figures such as professionals and technicians reflects the extent of severity of the drain in Lebanon. Such problems are faced worldwide, and not just in Lebanon, but are also being solved. Lebanon’s government ceases to address such issues, and is ignoring the fact that the country is losing. Lebanese people are gradually leaving their country, and not finding any incentive to stay, despite their love and attachment to their country. Parents are losing their children to foreign nations after many years of investing and educating them. Immigrating to strange nations is becoming very understandable. Lebanon is at its worst when it comes to finding a job and looking for stability. The country’s problems and economic downturn is not helping in providing hope to young graduates who are seeking to get hired and begin their new independent lives. Opportunities abroad are...
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