Reflect Cultural Awareness in Work Practice

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Reflect cultural awareness in work practice
Demonstrate awareness of culture as a factor in all human behaviour by using culturally appropriate work practicesUse work practices that create a culturally and psychologically safe environment for all personsReview and modify work practices in consultation with people from diverse backgrounds  

People who identify with a particular culture have a lot of things in common, eg food, traditional costumes, music and so on. However, there are also lots of ways in which people within one culture differ. Their differences may occur due to when they (or their ancestors) arrived in Australia, how long they have been living in Australia, their socio-economic background, their level of education, whether they live in a rural or urban area, the religion they identify with, and their different life experiences, which includes the experience of migration. If we are to develop our cultural awareness, where do we begin? An understanding of the migration process itself is a good beginning. This is because migration is a key influence on a person’s life. Some migrants undergo a relatively easy transition. However, there are many who experience at least some (if not many) challenges in adjusting to life in a new country. Demonstrate awareness of culture as a factor in all human behaviour by using culturally appropriate work practices Migration

First we look at migration and at some potential reasons behind both the decision to migrate and factors leading to a forced migration. The term ‘migration’ comes from the verb ‘to migrate’, meaning to move from one country to another. People may migrate for many reasons, with each reason affecting each individual in a unique way. In this resource, we will look at two broad categories of migrants: ·those who migrate voluntarily

·those who are forced to leave their country of origin and seek refuge elsewhere. Voluntary migration
Reasons for choosing to migrate voluntarily may include:
·better access to education and health care
·greater freedom of choice
·social equality
·democratic participation
·better quality of life and longer life expectancy
·work opportunities
·adventure and/or new experiences
·family reunion.
Those who are forced to leave their country and seek refuge elsewhere are generally fleeing persecution, war and conflict. Effects of migration on Australia
Part of the process of understanding the effects of migration on you, your clients and co-workers involves recognising how our own lives and the very society we live in have been affected by migration. The benefits of cultural diversity to the majority of Australians become obvious when we look at the way our country has been shaped by migration. Once we recognise these benefits, it is easy to value the unique input that different cultures have in our lives—the diversity of experience offered at our doorsteps. Australia is a nation of migrants. Indigenous Australians comprise 2.4%, that is, 5501,236 of the population (June 2006 census). While migration to Australia has had many positive effects on Australian society generally, it has led to the dispossession of Aboriginal people of their land and, in many parts of Australia, to the loss of language, traditional social structure, law, culture and religion. For more information about traditional Aboriginal culture go to the Aboriginal Benchbook website: Aboriginal culture: Australian Museum: Voluntary migration: Effects on the individual

It is important to recognise and understand some of the common effects of migration on the individual who has migrated because such experiences can have a lasting impact on the person. Understanding yourself and the people around you (such as your colleagues) can help with the forming of satisfying...
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