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Topics: Contract, Breach of contract, Common law Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: February 10, 2013

• Any one of the Ten questions can be selected.

• There is no word limit, but an exhaustive analysis of every aspects of the subject matter is expected

• Please note as per policy, plagiarism in any form in the assignments / projects / would lead to the rejection of the same. Hence please make it a point to avoid plagiarism and include references wherever applicable.

1. Dreams Cocktail Ltd is a production house based in Hollywood and Mumbai. The production house is planning to make a Television series based on Teenage rock stars for Disney channel in US and Sahara TV in India and has identified Gracey Warner, Age 15 years, of 1356 Aubrey Rd. Beverly Hills and Meher Ali, Age 14 years, of , 12 Old Madras Road, Bangalore as leading actresses of the series. You have been made in charge for recruiting the actresses. Give a detailed report to the chairman of the production house about what all you kept in mind while signing the actresses. What were the problems you faced and how you managed to sort it and ensure the protection of the contractual rights of the production house?

2. Critically analyze conviction of Mr. Keshub Mahindra in the Union carbide issue and on the back drop of the conviction analyze the liability of independent directors in India also compare it with independent director’s liability regime in United States law and UK law?

3. Compare and analyze directors liability in the insider trading regulations in India and US focusing on the recent cases of Rajat Gupta and Reliance industries.( Detailed analysis of case laws is expected)

4. Elucidate Electronic contract law in India with relevant case laws?

5. Discuss the impact and enforceability of Restraint of trade, Non- disclosure and Nom-compete clauses in employment contract in India?

6. Discuss in details liability of directors in corporate fraud, in India and US in light of Enron, WorldCom and...
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