Learning a Second Language

Topics: Spanish language, Learning, Middle school Pages: 3 (1198 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Language is a critical component of every student and the importance of learning a language is an integral part of the learning process. Not only is it important to learn how to read, but it is equally as important to be able to learn how to write. Students are without a doubt at a great advantage if they are able to communicate and read and write in multiple languages. As for myself, I was exposed to the English language at home. My parents would do every effort to teach me to learn how to first of all learn how to read in English. My parents have always emphasized the importance of reading. I too believe that if a student does not learn how to read at an early age, he or she will struggle for the rest of their lives. When I began Elementary school, my parents placed a very strong emphasized on ensuring that I learn how to read. Of course I began to learn how to read in English since I was send to a private catholic school. Instruction there was totally in English. I did learn how to read in English, and gradually began to slowly but surely began to learn how to write. The writing process was not exposed to me until my later years in elementary. I did begin writing first by simply words, then placing words into phrases then ultimately making sentences. The writing process was a slow process, but I was able to eventually begin to write paragraphs.

As I continued my years in the elementary I was able to develop my reading skills and writing to a higher level. At this particular time we had a separate period for reading, and separate period for writing. I must say that in second grade I felt I was a proficient reader in English, and continue to work hard to become a better reader in the upper grades. As for the writing it was a this time that we had the pressure of passing the state administered TAKS tests that my writing skills began to flourish. My writing teacher in third grade placed a great emphasis on writing. She constantly reminded us...
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