Learning Visual Basic

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Learning Visual Basic:
The Different Aspects of Visual Basic
Judy Mesel
1102C IT193-08: Foundations of Programming Using Visual Basic Kaplan University
May 29, 2010

Different Aspects of Visual Basic
Visual Basic was a learning challenge for me. After my first assignment, I started learning from my mistakes and eventually started understanding a little more at a time. Having already learned a few basics in Web Development coding, Visual Basic was quite a bit different in programming language.

Visual Basic is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which uses a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to create and modify code that is written in a basic programming language. There are different ways to use code in Visual Basic to make time more manageable by using less lines of code. During Class we learned how to convert algorithms to programs using input, output, variables, and looping. By reading flowcharts, hierarchy charts, and pseudo code a person can analyze and process the steps on how a program is to run. There was also a discussion on the different data types and how to use them. There are 11 data types used in Visual Basic and they are: * Boolean

* Byte
* Currency
* Data
* Double
* Integer
* Long
* Object
* Single
* String
* Variant
Using Windows Form Applications, various input/output boxes were designed and programmed to run by setting up variables using expressions and operators. Visual Basic could be an asset in the future as I pursue a career in Computer Science or programming. I believe this course will help by adding to the accumulating skills and could be used to open many opportunities in the Information Technology field. Learning to analyze and make decisions on various programs and their creation, Visual Basic could aid in understanding different coding concepts that may be familiar or similar.

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