Sorting Algorithm and Limitation Scope

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This is sample of Scope and Limitation. This was used on a CASE STUDY entitled “Comparison and Contrast of sorting algorithm between Visual and Java (Netbeans)”. This will help you to construct your own scope and limitation according to your study. This will serve only as your overview and guide for this part of case study.


Scope and Limitation


The study will cover the two programming languages such as Visual Basic.Net and Java (NetBeans) programming language in terms used codes on their sorting algorithms. The research will use only bubble sort in the sorting algorithm. Also the researcher will study about the memory usage and error handling of those two programming languages.


The study will not cover the object oriented programming, Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the two languages and also other sorting algorithm that are not included in our study like shell sort, radix sort, heap sort and many other sorting algorithm. The researcher will not also cover anything not related to the sorting algorithm of the Visual Basic.Net and Java and computer environment aside from coding, error handling and memory usage.

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