Learning Styles vs. Academic Performance

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  • Published: February 11, 2011
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Chapter 1

Good teaching is based on the psychology of teaching. The nature of the learning process and the laws that govern its operation determin the types of teaching to be used by the teachers. The learner is recognized as the first principle of teaching and learning.

According to psychologist, learning is a process of growth and development through self-activity or experience. Every learning situation entails effect. Learning requires a response potential which is sufficient to allow various kinds of behavior. Learning is not complete until the individual receives satisfaction, reward or reduction of tension for the efforts. The individual interacts with forces in the environment; he is driven by various motivations instigated by needs. Since learning is a comprehensive process, it also involves the use of abstract concepts. It may take place at abstract level or at concrete level. (Corpuz and Salandan, 2007)

All learning, as such, involves situations, which may not necessarily involve physical and motor components of behavior before the learner finally reaches the goal. In such a situation, learner manipulates and endeavors to find out suitable solutions to even somewhat dissimilar problems. In a symbolic and abstract form of learning, learners past experience, his general ability and level of imagination determine the process in hitting out at the correct solution.

According to Zulueta et.al. (2002), learning is an acquisition of knowledge and information, development of skills and desirable attitudes and values.
It is said that each individual is unique and we differ from each other. Thus, individuals have unlike characters, personality, behavior, and styles in learning new things.
In teaching, one cannot say that only one teaching method or strategies is to be used. We have variety of teaching methods and strategies to choose for the teaching- learning cycles. It can be said that the best teaching...
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