A Study on the Preferred Teaching Strategies of the Mapua Professors

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Learning styles Pages: 5 (1627 words) Published: March 6, 2012

A Research Paper Presented to
Ms. Czarina Labayo
Mapúa Institute of Technology

In partial fulfilment
Of the requirements in
English for Academic Purposes 2

Ian Gabriel M. Sebastian
Mara Millicent L. Ong-Tan
Maria Angela R. Sesperes
Aljame M. Erese

November 2011


The researchers decided to research about the teaching strategies used in MIT-Makati branch, by doing this, the group aims to help the teachers and students to understand the different strategies that may help them to remember more facts during discussions and to help the teachers know how to have the full attention of the students during discussions. The researchers wanted to find out what teaching strategy is most effective and most efficient teaching strategy used in Mapúa Institute of Technology- Makati branch. The group used books, online references and also interviewed a teacher in Mapúa Institute of Technology to understand fully the teaching strategies used by many teachers. During the interview, the researchers found out that the professor that they interviewed believes that hands-on approach is not only effective but also efficient, but the researchers still believes that effective teaching strategy differs from the subject you teach.

Main Body

Teachers nowadays use different teaching strategies in order for the students to learn and understand the lesson. However, each batch has its own characteristics and ways of learning thus, making teaching a very tedious and a challenging profession. Learning can also be influence by what the learners believe about school and about learning. In the concept of good teaching, a teacher should teach the students more practically and ideally for them to understand what the teacher is trying to tell them. In the study conducted by Felder and Silverman (1988), they came up with the conclusion that the different learning styles of students affect their comprehension of the Engineering subject, and they are: Sensory, Intuitive, Visual, Auditory, Inductive, Deductive, Active, Reflective, Sequential and Global. Second, those learning styles can be combined. Example, Inductive and Deductive learning style can be combined which yields an ‘organization’ style. And finally, each learning style has its corresponding teaching style. Example, Sensory and Intuitive learners prefer learning by perception, the teaching style most effective to it is Content-Based Instruction. It is similar to this research only that they had the student view of how they are taught and how they want to learn. Each generation/batch/class is unique. Each has their own way of learning. When the correct teaching style is applied to the right student with the most fitting learning style, effectiveness results could be off the charts. However, applying the same strategy at the wrong learning style yields low effectiveness results. There are different teaching strategies that would come up for having a good teaching such as Active Learning, Collaborative/Cooperative learning, Critical Thinking, Discussion Strategies, Experiential Learning, Games/Experiments/Simulations, Humour in the Classroom, Inquiry-Guided Learning, Interdisciplinary Teaching, Learner-Centered Teaching, Learning Communities, Lecture, Online/Hybrid Courses, Problem-Based, Service Learning, Teaching Diverse Students, Teaching with cases, Team-Based Learning, Team, Writing Assignments, Previewing, Question/Answer Relationship, Underlining for Comprehensions, Text lookbacks, Gist Strategies, Using context with vocabulary, Problem-Solution Frame, Explain-Model-Question Activity, and Observation/Proof Notes. Active learning is anything that students do in a classroom other than merely passively listening to an instructor’s lecture. The Collaborative/Cooperative learning means it is an instructional approach in which students work together in small groups to accomplish a...
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