Learning Paper

Topics: Psychology, Nature versus nurture, Human behavior Pages: 3 (701 words) Published: October 10, 2010
Learning Paper

Temeshia T. Jordan

Learning Paper
Even though there are many debates concerning the concept of learning, current arguments between psychologists suggest that nurture versus nature are two concepts extremely important in human development. The following paper will define the concept of learning and distinguish between learning and performance. Next, I will compare and contrast the conceptual approaches to the study of learning. In closing, the major points throughout the paper will be highlighted. Concept of Learning

Learning is the process by which individual’s acquire knowledge through education, observations, past or present experiences, and individual teaching.  According to Terry (2009), learning is the acquisition of knowledge and learning may be defined as a relatively permanent change in behavior, or behavioral repertoire that occurs as a result of experience.  The nature versus nurture controversy of learning is one approach to learning that has brought several debates among psychologist.  The nature theory of human behavior suggest that learning is a biological function that we are automatically born with, whereas the nurture theory asserts that human development is acquired or learned through life experiences. According to Mark (2009), most schools are organized as if nature has already won the contest. The author suggests that both theories are influential in human growth and how we describe ourselves when it comes to individual knowledge and understanding. Psychologists believe that knowledge is a process of conscious awareness and must not only include verbal interaction but also skills, attitudes, and behaviors outside of the conscious arena (Terry, 2009). Learning and psychology go hand in hand. Learning brings together the psychological influences, including cognitive, environmental, and emotional influences to enhance his or her individual knowledge and skill through the study of four different learning...
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