Dfa7130 Assignment 2

Topics: Psychology, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Educational psychology Pages: 4 (1321 words) Published: January 7, 2013
DFA7130 Assignment 2 – Enabling and Assessing Learning

Section 1 – Understanding Learning and Assessment
It is important to make aware there are many different theories regarding the understanding of how individuals learn and develop. As we start to identify we begin to comprehend and realise that everyone does not learn the same way as the next person. The learning theories that are to be taken into account are as follows: Behaviourism, Cognitivists, Humanists, Social Learning, Adult Learning and Motivation. From this we further investigate and try to understand the different theorist’s point of view and how their theories affect each individuals learning, in order to assist a teacher when preparing the lessons. Behaviourist Theory

In the 19th B. F. Skinner he believed that the results he discovered with rats in his ‘Skinner Box’ would be transferable to humans, that is our behaviour responds to a stimuli, whether praise or disapproval. Reinforcement

Receiving stimuli from our environment can incite a response; Skinner believed that this can be directed by choosing the stimuli to reinforce positive responses, but discouraging the negative responses. The way in which this can be brought about in the classroom situation could be something as little as ‘well done’, or tasks once completed will be rewarded with a certificate. Continuous Reinforcement

To continually reinforce the positive behaviour in a classroom environment, it would be pleasing to the individuals to receive some form of continuous reward. For example, a point system reward, or star awards for good behaviour. The points could be totalled to see which individual or group received the most points at the end of term or year, which could then be backed up with a trophy or certificate of achievement. The work of Ivan Pavlov, considered conditioned learning theory. His findings were with experiments on dogs. He discovered if you repeatedly learned a process over time you would condition...
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